Top 3 Advantages of B&D Garage Doors

B&D Garage Door AdvantagesGarage doors used to be difficult and clumsy to operate, with people battling the elements and mother nature whenever they wanted to open or close their door. Gone are the days when you would have to get in and out of your car every time you go to work, take your kids to school or come home from a long shopping trip. No longer do you need to dread the fateful attempt to open your garage in the pouring rain and freezing cold.

Technology has come a long way. B&D garage doors are the perfect embodiment of how these technologies can affect your lives in a simple yet huge way. A heavy, manual garage door would require a lot of strength to open on the best of days. Far too many people give up and just park outside their garage. B&D garage doors bring you convenience and ease at just the push of a button within the warmth and comfort of your car. If you are in the market for a new set of garage doors, read on to find out the benefits of B&D garage doors.

Ease and Convenience

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a high-quality automatic garage door opener is ease of use. The electronic system takes all the strain off you and removes the need for you to put in any physical effort. At the push of a button, your garage is open, and you can drive straight in.

B&D garage doors are also equipped with openers that come in a variety of ways you can open the door. Some models enable you to use many of the remotes that are available or even a touchpad.

Security and Safety

One of the lesser-known benefits of an automatic garage door is its improvement upon your home security. An inconvenient and cumbersome manual garage door is much more likely to be left open, or unlocked, in the mad rush for work in the morning or in stormy weather. Unfortunately, burglars know this, and often target homes with manual garage doors.

B&D provide a convenient way to turn your mobile device into an extra remote, allowing you to open and close your door from a tablet or smartphone. Not only that but the B&D Smart Phone Control app allows you to open and close your B&D garage doors wherever you are in the world!

B&D garage doors make it easier to close your garage on your way out, but also more convenient and safer on your way back in. Coming home to a dark house is something no one likes. Some B&D garage doors have built in LED strip-lights that automatically turn on and off as you open or close your door. These lights also have the added benefit of never needing replacements. It illuminates your garage and the surrounding area, giving you a much bigger feeling of security and making it much easier to see what you are doing.


There is no greater sign of the quality of a product and a company’s confidence in it than a great warranty; B&D garage doors deliver this. A good quality garage door can be a big buy. Fortunately, if you get one from B&D you will receive a 5-year, 20 000 lifecycle warranty, and a garage door backed by 60 years of product development and customer satisfaction.

A routine maintenance check is required around every 3 000 cycles. B&D garage doors have counters that track how many times they are used. It will alert you when it’s time for a maintenance check.

Many would view an automatic garage door as unnecessary and just another gadget to spend your money on. However, it is clear that it will be an investment you will be thankful for after looking at these benefits.

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