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B&D Smart Pro Garage Door system

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    The new B&D Smart Pro garage door opener has been meticulously designed. Offering first-rate safety, security, power and intelligence, this opener seamlessly integrates with your new or existing B&D garage door system. We know that behind your garage door are the things that matter to you most. The things that make your house a home.


    • B&D’s top of the range opener
    • Auto-Lock – A keyless, heavy-duty locking bolt that is engaged automatically, locking the door shut every time.
    • Smart Phone Control* – Allows authorised users to operate the garage door without a remote.
      (*Subject to cellular Wi-Fi connection and availability. Phone not included)
    • Camera – Puts you in control of managing and monitoring access to your garage, whether you’re home or not.
    • Battery Backup – Peace of mind that your garage will still operate if the power goes out.
    • Wireless Safety Beams – Infra-red beams that automatically stop and reverse your door if there’s something or someone in the doorway. Lifts heavy doors up to 300 kg
    • 30,000 cycles (*A cycle: when an opener lifts up a garage door goes up and down once, 30,000 cycles on average is equivalent to more than 10 years of operation)
    • Includes: 2 x Tri-Tran+ Premium Remote Controls, 1x Wall Mount Remote Control


    • Opener Only – 7 Years or 30,000 Cycles
    • If you purchase a B&D Smart Pro motor with a B&D garage door and register online, your warranty will be extended to 10 years.

    Browse through our range of motors and accessories and call us on 83496444 if you require any assistance.

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