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Security Cameras

  • Indoor Garage Door Camera
  • Pan Tilt Zoom Garage Door Camera
  • Outdoor Security Camera

B&D Cameras can be retrofit to both the B&D CAD Smart or B&D CAD Secure openers as long as the opener has a B&D Smart Phone Control Kit.

Contact us on 08 8349 6444 or ask us at AllStyle Garage Doors & Window Shutters for details regarding compatibility with your existing door.

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    Garage Door Cameras

    B&D Cameras are a fully-integrated Secure Access Solution that puts you in control of managing and monitoring access to your home, whether you’re there or not! 

    Does your garage provide direct access in to your home? B&D Cameras seamlessly integrate with our existing B&D Smart openers to help keep you, and what you value most, safe. 

    Do you ever get parcels delivered to your home? Have you ever had to let a family member in while you were on holiday? Do you really know what time the kids got home last night?

    Never worry about racing home to provide access to your home again! B&D Cameras send alerts straight to your B&D Smart phone app when someone is outside your garage.

    Use your B&D Smart Phone app to view and allow access from wherever you are in the world. Watch, live as delivery drivers enter your home and leave your package. Then, close the door behind them on the way out.

    B&D Indoor Garage Door Camera

    B&D recommends using this camera inside your garage. This camera is designed to allow clear communication with anyone you have allowed to access your garage while they are inside.

    • 2.0 Megapixel Camera -1920×1080 Video Resolution provides a high quality, clear view
    • Intelligent Alerts – Receive alerts about motion and sound changes within the garage
    • External Card Slot – Supports up to 128GB Micro SD Card for local storage
    • Two-Way Audio – Two-way, high quality audio with leading-edge mic and speaker for real time communication
    • Wifi Network – Supports 2.4GHz Wifi Network for ease of setup
    • Clear Night Vision – 8-metre range for clear night vision in total darkness
    • Wide Angle of View – Wide, 103° diagonal view to provide greater visibility without image distortion

    B&D Pan-Tilt-Zoom Garage Door Camera

    We recommend using this camera at your front door or under the eave/awning of your garage.

    This camera is designed to be out of the weather but it’s increased range of visual movement makes it ideal for communicating with anyone trying to enter the garage.

    B&D Outdoor Garage Door Camera

    We recommend using this camera outside of your garage.

    This camera is designed to withstand the elements, and monitor anyone who approaches your garage.

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