36mm Extruded Slat Window Shutter

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Step 1 – Contact AllStyle Garage Doors & Window Shutters
Step 2 – We will arrange a time to visit your home at a time convenient to you
Step 3 – During the home visit we will provide you with a written quotation
Step 4 – On accepting the quotation and forwarding the 30% deposit we will order the shutter/s
Step 5 – Once the shutter arrives, we will contact you to arrange an installation date
Step 6 – Install should occur 2-3 weeks after the deposit and order have been provided.

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    • Commercial Windows
    • Garage doors
    • Commercial Garage Doors
    • Entry level for sporting clubs, hotels, restaurants & pharmacies
    • Commercial shop fronts & windows
    • Mining & high security areas


    • High quality aluminium alloy construction
    • Commercial grade doubled wall extruded profile
    • Range of colours
    • Double coated + lacquer for abrasion resistant finish
    • Foam filled slats for additional strength and quieter operation
    • High quality powder coated painted finish
    • Roll tight design – provides for a small pelmet size
    • Heavy duty steel axel & bearings
    • Suitable for widths up to 5800mm ( with winged slat locks)
    • Maximum height 3000mm
    • Automated operation
    • Made in South Australia

    Why A Window Shutter


    Roller Shutters will protect your home by turning your windows from easy entry points into barriers.


    With up to 15° difference between the inside and outside temperature, your home will be cooler in summers and warmer in winter.

    Noise Reduction

    External noise, such as motor vehicle traffic, barking dogs will be reduced with the insulation properties of window shutters.

    Privacy & Light Control

    Control the amount of natural light entering your home. In addition, you can control your privacy as to whether you want the shutters fully closed or partially / fully open.

    Energy Savings

    The internal foam core of the aluminium shutter slats helps control the temperature of your home. Thereby saving on your heating and cooling costs.

    Storm & Hail Protection

    Window shutters protect glass windows from hail damage and extreme weather, by reducing the chance of glass breaking.

    Bushfire Protection

    Reduce the chances of excessive heat and burning embers making their way into your home through the windows, with “Firesafe” bush fire rated window shutters.





    Window Shutters are an ideal way to protect your home from the weather in all seasons. Because the shutter is on the outside of your home, the cost of heating & cooling your home will be reduced. Window Shutters also protect your belonging against UV Rays which can prematurely age and fade your furniture.


    Window shutters provide protection against unwanted intruders from entering your home. Shutters are made from aluminum interlocking slats which resist penetration. On closing the shutter, your window becomes locked and secure, offering optimum strength and resilience.


    Window Shutters will provide you with complete privacy, day or night. When fully open they allow you to enjoy unrestricted views. Window shutters are fully adjustable so that you can adjust the amount of light and ventilation you receive.


    Window Shutters will improve the value of your home. You can choose from a large colour range to match or compliment other features of your home, even your garage door.


    Window Shutters can be either be electrically or manually operated. Automation of shutters can be by way of hardwired, or battery powered (most popular).


    Window Shutters are a series of aluminium interlocking slats, injected with polyurethane and double coated in an abrasive resistant enamel – so you’ll never need to paint them. Maintenance is virtually nil.

    AllStyle Window Shutters FAQs

    When our new shutters are installed, Is there an option for my old shutters to be removed and taken away?

    Absolutely! We can take down and remove and dump your old window furnishings.

    How should window roller shutters be cleaned?

    Take soft cloth and with a mild detergent and clean water give your roller shutters a gentle wipe down. Use an up down motion so the slats do become misaligned.

    Rinse the shutters with clean water and dry with a soft cloth or chamois.

    Clean the guides with a soft bristled brush, this will get out any dirt or particles that have become lodges in the guides.

    What’s involved with booking a free quote / consultation?

    Simply phone or email to arrange a quotation. We will confirm a convenient time with you for us to come to your home and discuss your options and show you our display samples.

    How long will a quote take?

    Quotes can take from 30mins to as much as an hour depending on how many windows are involved. We suggest you allocate at least half an hour of your time so we can show you all the options available, so nothing is rush of missed.

    We’re building and I’m after a quote for window roller shutters how do we go about getting a quote in building stage?

    Simply email us your house plans along with a guide of what products you would like. You can email them to enquiries@asgd.com.au, we will then email you with a quotation which is subject to a site inspection and check measure.

    Do you offer automation with your Shutters?

    Yes, it is often more economical and practical to automate shutters, than it is to have manual shutters.

    Do you do supply only?

    Yes, we also do supply only for the handy man or DIY types who wish to do the installation themselves.

    Is there any catch or fees associated with a free in-home measure and quote?

    There is absolutely no catch or fees for a quote! Our highly trained consultants will provide a free in home, hassle free quotation.

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