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B&D Panelift®

The B&D difference is in the detail

B&D ensures an even horizontal & vertical spacing of panel designs which is critical to the overall appearance of a garage door.

B&D Panelift® is tailor made to suit your garage opening perfectly, with equally sized panels. 

Select from our wide range of panel designs available in either smooth or woodgrain textured finish.

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    B&D Panelift® Doors, Adelaide

    AllStyle Garage Doors & Window Shutters is a leading supplier of B&D Panelift® doors in Adelaide, South Australia

    Here in Adelaide, AllStyle Garage Doors & Window Shutters isn’t just one of the largest retailers of garage doors and roller doors, it is also Adelaide’s leading supplier of B&D Panelift® doors.

    With our showroom and head office located at Pooraka, as well as an additional showroom at Black Forest, AllStyle Garage Doors & Window Shutters is proud to offer a broad range of contemporary and custom design B&D garage doors, including B&D Panelift® doors, to our clients from all across Adelaide.

    B&D Panelift® doors to suit all styles

    Part of our range of B&D garage doors, our B&D Panelift® doors are well known as Australia’s premium steel sectional garage door, offering unparalleled protection and security for your home and family. Some of the features of our B&D Panelift® doors include:

    • Strong, durable, built to last
    • Reliable, quiet, smooth
    • Safe Pinchfree™ design
    • Choice of colours, designs, finishes

    B&D Panelift® is strong, durable and built to last.

    • Panels come with strong reinforcement, rolled over edges for sturdiness and double end stiles for larger doors to ensure strength and durability.
    • Track curve made from glass filled polypropylene for extra strength and durability.
    • Extensively engineered and tested to withstand the test of time.
    • Made using quality Colorbond® steel that can stand up to the harsh Australian climate.

    Panelift Icon Auto Lock Auto-Lock Is Standard with B&D Panelift ICON™

    B&D Panelift® offers an extensive choice of colours finishes and design features

    The B&D difference is in the detail

    B&D ensures an even horizontal & vertical spacing of panel designs which is critical to the overall appearance of a garage door. B&D Panelift® is tailor made to suit your garage opening perfectly, with equally sized panels. The slick aluminium strip features a lip at the base of the door – a unique aesthetic feature of Panelift®. Select from our wide range of panel designs available in either smooth or woodgrain textured finish.


    Nullarbor TextureNullarbor Texture is a superior flat panel design that creates an attractive clean appearance. Its distinctive minimalist look and strong sharp lines complement the most modern architecture.


    The GrangeThe Grange™ door has an attractive wide raised pattern design, for an elegant, uncluttered finish.


    SevilleSeville™ has fine horizontal ribs across each panel, to provide a slatted look. A very subdued, contemporary appearance for the modern home.


    StatesmanThe elegant Statesman™ raised pattern design adds a stylish finish to the door that will enhance the appearance of your home.

    Add some light to your garage

    Whether your home is modern, contemporary or federation, we have the right window for you to choose from to match your style.




    B&D Panelift® provides strength, durability and reliability, designed to give you and your family years of security, safety and protection.

    Improve your kerb appeal with B&D Panelift®.  A garage door occupies up to 40% of a house facade and simply by updating it with a B&D Panelift you’re updating a significant part of your home.

    View the Panelift colour range

    Comfort & reliability is synonymous with Panelift®

    Relax knowing Panelift® is backed by 3 years warranty for your peace of mind.

    Bottom weather seal helps prevent leaves, rain, dirt, dust & insects coming in from under the door. Helps to keep your garage space clean.

    Enjoy the comfort of peace & quiet

    allstyle-garage-doors-in-line-wheelsYour home is your peaceful haven that’s why Panelift® is designed to operate smoothly and quietly.

    Glass filled polypropylene track curve, guides the door to run easily and smoothly during operation.

    Your family’s safety is paramount

    panelift door allstyle garage door adelaide safetyB&D pioneered the distinctive safe Pinchfree™ hinge design, to stop fingers getting caught on either side of the door.

    In-line wheels & tracks reduce chance of finger entrapment.

    Unique reinforcing end caps & rolled over safety edges protect against harm.


    Enjoy the added comfort of insulation with the benefits of Panelift®

    Enjoy the benefits of insulation with the superior features of PaneliftIf you are serious about insulating your house, we recommend that you also consider your garage door.

    The B&D is an optional extra that offers exceptional insulation technology and represents the smart choice for homeowners.

    † Source: predictive figures from ‘MATES’ tests



    What’s unique about Insul-Shield™Enjoy the benefits of insulation with the superior features of Panelift
    Insul-Shield™ is made using ThermaSilver™ – an innovative quality, graphite embedded EPS material which provides up to 20% more insulation compared to conventional EPS. ThermaSilver™ is strong, durable and unaffected by humidity.#

    # Source: Neopor Insulation Technology


    An efficient sealing system that maximises your insulation benefits

    Seals fitted to the full perimeter of the door, eliminates gaps to help prevent weather, dust, insects and debris entering. Helps to prevent hot air and draft from entering or escaping. Helps to keep your garage space clean and comfortable.

    Jamb and Lintel seals are co-extruded using both soft and rigid PVC material to achieve maximum sealing performance.

    Internal appearance is equally important

    Our in-line wheels and tracks, factory fitted internal hinging system and fully enclosed stiles provide a clean, uncluttered appearance on the inside of the door.

    Unlock your garage to enjoy freedom, flexibility, peace & quiet

    Whether you live on a busy road, near a train station, or simply want the freedom to use your garage around the clock, insulating your garage door is the smart choice.

    Insul-shield™ acts as a two way noise barrier. Helps to keep out undesirable noise for a noticeably quieter garage and helps to contain noise within the garage when compared to a non-insulated door.

    Insul-Shield™ provides greater cushioning capacity that helps absorb noise impact, so great for that stray soccer ball where kids are playing nearby^.

    The greater cushioning capacity also helps to reduce operation noise from the garage door^.

    Source: predictive figures from ‘ACOUSTIC LOGIC’ tests

    Consider Upgrading to Panelift® Icon™

    Our finest steel sectional garage door and enjoy even greater flexibility and unique features that come as standard on Panelift® Icon™ including:

    • Efficient sealing system to keep your garage space cleaner and more comfortable • Flexibility of lower head room as standard
    • Smooth-track for even smoother quieter operation
    • Combo bracket for neater appearance around the cornices
    • Luxe Design™ finishes exclusive to Panelift® Icon™
    • A more extensive choice of designs, colours and finishes • 5 year warranty for that extra peace of mind

    The Perfect partner for your Panelift®controll-a-door-advance

    Partner your Panelift with one of the B&D Controll-A-Door® openers and you will have one of the quietest automatic doors available.

    Controll-A-Door Advance

    Try our overhead sectional door opener. The smart design also delivers smooth and reliable door control with the flexibility to vary speed and power output according to door type.

    • Heavy duty 1000N motor
    • Soft start and stop to reduce stress
    • Long lasting LED automatic courtesy light

    Wireless Safety BeamsWireless Safety Beams

    If you have young children or pets, safety beams provide added safety and security. If the beam is broken while the door is closing, it will automatically stop and reverse.

    Entry Keypad

    Entry KeypadAllows entry to the garage without a remote transmitter. Great for children. No need to give them a key or transmitter as they can enter the house with their PIN.

    Rechargeable Battery Back Up

    If power supply to the opener is broken, the door will still be operational with the rechargeable battery back up.

    Want to know more about our B&D Panelift® doors in Adelaide? Our specially trained consultants at AllStyle Garage Doors & Window Shutters will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and assist you with choosing the most suitable option.

    Contact AllStyle Garage Doors & Window Shutters for your free consultation and quote, or telephone us on 08 8349 6444.

    AllStyle Garage Doors & Window Shutters are your garage door experts in Adelaide, South Australia. Contact us for more information on our range of products and services, including garage roller doors, timber garage doors, B&D roller doors, B&D Panelift® doors and garage door repairs. We service all suburbs in Adelaide, including Black Forest, Glandore, Plympton, Edwardstown and Colonel Light Gardens.

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