Tips On Securing Your Home Through Securing Your Garage Door

Panelift Icon Garage Door AdelaideJust because your garage door rollers automatically lock themselves, that doesn’t necessarily mean your home is now 100% safe. There are heaps of ways a burglar could break in, potentially putting you and your loved ones at serious risk.

The good news is that such a situation is highly unlikely with the right preventative measures in place, allowing you to achieve the peace of mind you rightly deserve. Here’s how to secure your garage door to keep the bad guys out of your home.

Garage Door Smartphone Control

1. Close the garage door

Keeping your garage door closed at all times is an absolutely crucial step, despite how obvious it is. It’s easy to forget to do the simple things when you’re especially busy or stressed, so make a mental effort to close your door the second you get home.

Better yet, invest a Smart Phone Control Kit; a high-tech, Internet-based device that allows you to open and close your garage door remotely from anywhere in the world.

2. Get a timer

Another easy way to ensure you keep that garage door closed is to pick up a garage door timer. These small, simple, yet remarkably effective devices will automatically close your garage door after a predetermined period, ensuring you never leave it open (at least not for very long) again. Generally speaking, you can set one to close after 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 6 hours. You can always turn it off altogether should you need to.

3. Secure your side door

By design, your rolling garage door is probably one of the safest entry points in your home. After all, the chances of a burglar trying to bash their way through solid steel is extremely slim. But what about your side garage doors?
These little doors are far more flimsy, so it’s worth adding an extra layer of security. Consider installing a smart lock with a combination code for extra protection. A spy hole could come in handy should you ever want to see who’s on the other side without them seeing you.

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4. Install an alarm system

If you haven’t got a home alarm system, then it’s time to invest in these potentially life-saving devices. After all, what price can you put on the safety of your loved ones?

If you already have one in place, you should ensure its sensors cover your garage. That way, the moment a would-be robber breaks in, an alarm will trip and an ear-piercing ring will force them to flee your home.

5. Keep your remote out of reach

Although it’s convenient to leave your garage door remote sitting in your car, it’s not the best home security practice as a thief could spot it and force entry into your vehicle. Instead, make a habit of always bringing the device inside with you. The easiest option is to attach it to your keychain. That way, you’ll have it within arm’s reach 24/7.

If you have to share it with other household members, it’s best to leave it somewhere that everyone can easily access, such as the kitchen.

6. Light up the night

Burglars generally don’t like being spotted as they scope out your home. Therefore, a wonderfully effective deterrent is a motion sensor light. Install a motion detection floodlight over the top of your garage door to scare off any undesirable types that may be hanging around your home. The other obvious advantage is that you’ll be able to see as you come home to your front yard in the evening.

7. Start recording

Another sure-fire way to discourage criminals from casing out or breaking into your home is to catch them in the act, on camera. Studies have shown that 60% of burglars will move on to another house should they spot an exterior camera or home security system.

Home security video systems are much cheaper than they used to be, meaning they’re currently within the realm of the average Australian family. You’ll find they’re super high-tech too; packed full of all sorts of futuristic features.

By adopting these handy tips into your home security repertoire, you’ll be able to fortify your garage against even the most determined intruder. For the most secure garage roller doors in Adelaide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professionals at AllStyle Garage Doors & Window Shutters today.

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