Key Factors To Take Into Consideration For A DIY Garage Makeover

A DIY Garage Makeover

Your garage has a multitude of uses; it is a place to park your car, work on your DIY projects or store everything that doesn’t belong in the house, from lawnmowers to ping pong tables. Storage of unused home items, while it’s not meant to be the primary use of the garage, many people allow their garage to get far too cluttered, which tends to be why people decide to do a makeover. To save costs, many would consider the option of DIY instead of hiring professionals for the task.

A garage makeover is no easy feat; there are some important questions you need to consider carefully and time taken to research the task at hand as well. A lot of tasks around the house can be done yourself, however this one will require more consideration before that decision is made, regardless of how much DIY experience you have.

The Floor

Whether or not you DIY the floor is one of the most vital decisions you need to make. Both options present its own advantages; doing it yourself can be tricky and time consuming but it can cut the cost in half. There are DIY epoxy flooring kits that can be picked up from most retailers and a massive library of instructional videos online. Professional services, albeit costly, will deliver a finish and longevity that you could never rival. Flooring specialists have access to better quality materials and tools, plus you don’t have to do any of the work. Professional coatings can cost $4-7 per square foot while DIY kits range from only $1-3.


Creating storage space is something that you can definitely DIY if you have had some experience. The options are endless, and you can find how-to videos everywhere online. Upgrading storage space in the garage is a very useful thing to do; consider adding overhead storage boxes that slide onto rails, or install a fold-up workbench which can also hold all your tools. You could also install magnetic strips against the wall for your tools or ceiling hooks to hang bikes from, saving you hundreds of dollars on a bike rack.

Although this can be done yourself, if you are low on time or struggling to work out how you should organise everything, professional services will have their own range of clever ideas, storage solutions and lots of experience in making everything fit.

A DIY Garage Makeover PostThe Door

DIY garage door installation is something you should really refrain from. Your garage door is very heavy and all the mechanisms and working parts are very complicated and potentially very dangerous. The garage door springs require adjusting for new doors and if done incorrectly they can cause serious harm. There are many small parts which need to interact perfectly and if the new door and frame don’t fit exactly, it may end up costing you more money to get a professional to fix.

Also, if your opener can’t quite handle the weight of the door then its lifetime will be greatly reduced. Installing the garage door is the hardest and most dangerous task in a garage makeover.

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