Different Materials Used For Building Garage Roller Doors & Their Benefits

Garage Door Materials
The garage roller door has become a mainstay of the typical suburban Australian home for its convenience and functionality. And that’s hardly surprising, for no other garage door lets you control it with the press of the button from your driveway. If you’re in the market for a roller door, then you might be wondering what they’re made from and what’s the best option for you.
Let’s take a look at the different types of roller door materials and examine the pros and cons of each.

Garage Roller Door Design Limitations

Given that they need to roll up and roll down, garage roller doors must feature a corrugated design to facilitate this process. Therefore, many common garage door materials such as timber and fiberglass simply aren’t viable for roller doors as they can’t be made in a corrugated style.

Another essential aspect to consider is space. Because garage roller doors retract into a bundle near the roof, your garage will need to have plenty of space up top to house the rolled up door. Most garages do have enough space, but it’s worth taking measurements and checking with a professional first to ensure one will fit.

Steel Garage Roller Doors

The most common material for garage roller door is steel, a timeless construction material that’s famed for its durability. Steel is a popular roller option for two main reasons: it’s tough, and it’s cheap.

Unlike other materials, steel doesn’t tend to scratch or dent very easily. In fact, many homeowners have reported their steel doors still look the same as they did when they were installed decades ago. This sturdiness makes them a particularly attractive option for houses with inhabitants who are prone to accidently reversing into the door, such as the elderly or teenage learner drivers.

Steel’s exceptional strength makes the material highly secure. As you can imagine, there’s no chance of a burglar breaking through your solid steel garage door. The same properties that make steel super tough also make it an excellent insulator, which is particularly important should anyone plan to spend a considerable amount of time in the room. Steel also costs much less than other materials, which makes it hard to resist for homeowners on a tight budget.

The downside is that steel tends to rust rather quickly, especially in humid climates. Therefore, should you live near the ocean or somewhere humid like North Queensland, then steel probably isn’t the best option for you. Given that bare steel isn’t attractive to behold, most garage door manufacturers apply a layer of durable polyester paint or a powder coated colour. Attractive finishes include timber grain and plastisol, among many others.

Garage Door Materials
Aluminium Garage Roller Shutters

A common garage roller shutter material is aluminium. Because it is much more lightweight, aluminium tends to dent and scratch far more quickly than steel. Consequently, homeowners should take great care not to damage the door with their car or through other means.

On the plus side, aluminium won’t rust easily, unlike steel. Therefore, it’s the go-to option for anyone living on the coast or in Australia’s tropical north. Although aluminium isn’t as tough as steel, it’s still strong enough to keep the average burglar at bay. Of course, if someone did try to break through, they’d make enough noise to wake up the whole neighbourhood.

Aluminium doesn’t provide as much insulation as steel, which may not seem important if nobody lives in your garage. However, it’s crucial to consider that a large portion of your home’s heat escapes via the garage. Therefore, a poorly insulated garage equates to a poorly insulated home. Aluminium also costs quite a lot more than steel, and price is a key consideration for most Australian homeowners.

Choosing the Best Material for Your Home

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