What to Consider When Designing A New Garage

What to Consider Designing A New GarageHome improvement can often be daunting as there are seemingly endless projects that can be started, almost all of which will cost money and take a lot of time. Designing and building a new garage is no different. It will have a large effect on your ease of life, and add a lot of value to the house. Building a garage, however, can’t be started straight away. You should put some time and effort into planning your design well. This guide contains the main considerations for garage planning, as well as some ideas to make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Zoning Laws

If you do not already have a garage, you should check your local zoning laws. These will tell you whether you are allowed to build a garage on your property. If you can build one, they will tell you the allowed size and placement of it as well as the type of roof and drainage system required.

Attached or Detached

Nowadays it is most common to see attached garages. In fact, they have become a staple in most new neighbourhoods. An attached garage is very convenient, allowing you to reach your car without having to step outside into the cold or wet. A detached garage, however, can be easier to add and will expand your design options.


Although the traditional purpose of a garage is to store cars, yours does not have to. Garages can be used for storage space, as workshops, workspaces and more. To ensure your design best suits you, you need to know exactly what you want your garage for.


The size and number of your cars is a key consideration when designing the size of your garage. Most garages these days have space for at least two large cars. Bear this in mind if you are doing your house up with the intention of putting it on the market. Larger cars may need a higher ceiling or a much wider storage space.


If you use your garage a lot, then you are likely to use that entrance more than your front door. This may mean using your downstairs bathroom and utility room to get into your house every day. This design may save money, but you may want to consider a different room layout to drive up the price of your house or make your entrance a lot nicer.

New Garage DoorLooks

Garages often draw attention as the biggest element of the front of your house, leaving you stuck looking at a huge metal door rather than the actual house. The nicest garages often blend into the house rather than just looking like a garage. You should think about matching doors, trim and windows to those of the rest of the house. It can also be good to split up a one big door into two smaller and subtle doors. If you keep these ideas in mind when designing your custom made garage, you will end up with an attractive and functional garage.

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