Top Garage Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Top Garage Door Trends in 2019If you are looking for a new garage, want to renovate your old one or simply want to stay with the trends, this guide is the place for you. Your garage door is often the largest part on the front of any house and, as a result, is an integral part of the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home. Although garage doors can be expensive, the return on your investment is larger than most projects, simply because they demand so much attention, when someone looks at your house. To ensure you don’t fall behind the fashion and you get a garage door that will still be stylish for years to come, read this guide.


As technology improves, it is becoming integrated into our lives more and more every day. With the increased popularity of home smart hubs to help control the various electronics within your home, 2019 will see more people connect their garage roller doors as well. This will allow you to open and close your garage with ease from your smartphone. This becomes extra handy, if you have babysitters or dog walkers that might need temporary access as you don’t have to worry about being there.


The days of basic, white steel garage doors are long gone and 2019 is ushering in more interesting coloured doors. Your garage door should make a statement, and painting it a dark, bold colour can just do the trick. Pick a dark colour that helps the door stand out while also blending in beautifully with the rest of the exterior. Don’t dismiss black as an option; although it can be difficult to make work, the effects can be quite stunning.

Go Green

With global warming and environmental awareness growing more and more, trends are starting to tip towards eco-friendly features. Recycled materials are increasingly being used to make garage doors. A well-insulated garage will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also help you to save money on your bills.

Natural Light

Modern architecture is all about big glass statement pieces, and this goes for garage doors as well. Improving the amount of natural light that gets into your garage is more than just a trend, though, it is practical. You will need to use less electricity to light your garage and it opens the door to many different garage uses.

Bigger and better insulated than ever before, garages are no longer just being used for parking cars. The options for different ways to use your space go as far as your imagination and budget, although common ones include laundry rooms, home offices and gyms. Having lots of glass in your garage door not only looks good, but will make life easier if you use it as a form of living space. You may be thinking that you wouldn’t want everyone to be able to see into your garage, especially if you are using it as a gym, however, there are myriad options for frosting, tinting and reflecting surfaces that you can use to maintain your privacy, while still letting in a lot of light.

Modern Materials

Traditional garage doors were made with steel, wood or aluminium, but as more options become available and with more experimentation, synthetic materials are breaking into the market. Vinyl and fibreglass are becoming increasingly common thanks to their great affordability, easy maintenance and very low weight. Not only are they still durable, secure and well insulated, but they can be used for modern designs and as almost imperceptible alternatives to classic-style timber garage doors.

Traditional accents

Although basic, monotone garages are gone, aspects of old-fashioned designs are set to make a rise through 2019. Stunning hardwood doors are more affordable and durable than ever. Even if you love the style but want a cheaper, easier option, fibreglass doors can be made to mimic wooden styles and the difference is tiny.

Curb Appeal

One way to improve your curb appeal is through landscaping around your garage. Although this sounds complex, it simply means adding creative lighting or greenery above and around your garage door. Adding an arbour above the door is a great, and relatively cheap, way to rejuvenate and add character to your garage.

Custom Designs

Garage doors have usually been offered as a series of pre-done designs from which you pick your favourite. 2019 offers more options for custom-made doors than ever before, which means you can combine the materials, accents, opening methods and windows that you think will best match what you have in mind for your home.

When renovating the exterior of the house, it’s important to not forget the garage door. If you do end up forgetting, the downside is that it can look dated or mismatched from the rest of your home. With a new garage door, it transforms the overall look of your home and increase its value.

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