Tips on selecting the right garage door

garage-door-for-home-300x209Getting the most out of the garage door for your home

Before calling around Adelaide for garage door quotations, it’s worth having an idea of which type is best suited to your home. To make things easier, there are three basic modern styles to choose from. The variations on each can be modified to your personal requirements, but the main points to consider are your budget, your space, and functionality.

Roller Doors

Roller doors are a popular choice, especially for those on a budget. These are horizontally-ribbed, steel curtain doors that roll up onto a drum tucked into the top interior of the door frame. They are available in a range of sizes and colours, and are versatile enough to use on a garden shed. They do not require any ‘swing space’ as they slide up and down on runners, so are a space saving solution if your driveway is a just a short run-up. They do however, need sufficient room for the drum housing above the door frame. As with all modern garage door systems, a motor-driven version can be installed which is ideal for elderly or less agile users.

Sectional or Panelift Garage Doors

Sectional, or panelift doors, work on the same premise as the roller door in that they are a flexible curtain that lifts into the ceiling space. However, instead of being ribbed steel, they are wider panels that can be made from wood, metal, or fiberglass, to match the design of your home. The other difference is that they rise and slide into the ceiling recess along horizontal tracks, so do not need the additional space for the drum, which suits lower garage ceiling heights. It is also possible to have some of the panels made with windows, allowing natural light into the garage once it’s closed over.

Tilt or Canopy Garage Doors

Tilt, or canopy doors, are a large single panel which lifts and tucks into the ceiling recess. Again, as with the sectional doors, these require less ceiling height as they fit in flush, and can be designed to match the materials and look of your home’s exterior.  Consider though, if you are in an area prevalent to high winds, a single large panel may be more cumbersome to manually open in bad weather.



Automated Garage Doors – Retro-fit

Automated systems are well worth considering, and can also be retro-fitted to existing garage doors. To push a button from the comfort of your car is not only an added security measure, but safety in bad weather conditions. Modern doors afford better security for your garage as many have automatic locking and a lack of leverage points for a burglar to compromise. The motors on automated systems now are designed to be as quiet as possible, causing less disturbance to the household if you keep irregular hours. Automatic LED lighting can also be incorporated into the door opening system, ideal for those working late nights or early mornings. The doors themselves can also be insulated to increase your home’s energy efficiency rating.

Reputable Garage Door specialist for sales service and repairs

Employ the services of a reputable and established Adelaide company who are affiliated to quality suppliers, such as AllStyle Garage Doors, and specialise in installation, modification, and repairs.

The company you choose should not only offer advice and a free quotation, but carry a warranty on the product you opt for, and offer a maintenance program, ideally with a 24-hour call out service.

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