Installing Commercial Panelift Doors Sloping Floors: Before & After

B & D Commercial Panelift Doors

Our commercial business customer approached the team at AllStyle Garage Doors and Window Shutters with a unique request, enquiring whether we could create two Garage Door openings in a specific area.

They expressed concerns about the sloping floors in the Garage Storage space wanting a secure professional looking Garage Door Closing the area automatically enclosing Stock and Goods from the outside elements.

We took their worries into account and assured them that we were up to the task !


Before - 2 openings


After - Panelift Doors

Which Doors are best to use for sloping floors ?

To address the challenge of the sloping floors, we decided to install B&D Panelift doors. These doors not only provided a practical solution but also offered an added advantage of creating a seal across the uneven surfaces.

The B&D Panel Lift doors are the perfect solution and are designed to adapt to different floor conditions, allowing for a smooth and secure closure. By incorporating these doors, we not only met the customer’s requirements but also ensured the functionality and aesthetics of the space.

B & D Panel Lift Doors offer a range of benefits that make them an excellent investment for residential and or commercial properties.

Below are some of the more notable benefits of B & D Panel doors:

  • Provides excellent security for your Storage,
  • Offers insulation against outside elements,
  • B & D Panel Lift Doors are Strong, durable, built to last
  • Reliable, quiet, smooth
  • Safe Pinchfree™ design

Commercial Door Size

As a sloping floor requires special attention it’s important to let our Qualified team at AllStyle Garage Doors and Window Shutters measure and quote to guarantee the perfect fit with a stress free installation and aftercare with warranty – Get your quote today Contact us.

Security Features

For extra security it’s recommended to install a B & D Camera for the best Security. B&D Cameras can be retrofit to both the B&D CAD Smart or B&D CAD Secure openers requires a B&D Smart Phone Control Kit.

Some of our doors also have built-in alarm systems that sound if the door is tampered with or if there is a potential break-in attempt. These alarms can add an extra layer of security to your business or home.


Accurate Door Measurement and Installation is important, and AllStyle Garage Doors and Window Shutters level of experience for a situations such as this sloping floor project, ensures ensure an error free, simple installation.

Customer satisfaction !

The customer’s concerns about the sloping floors were alleviated when they witnessed the final result. They were impressed by our ability to overcome the obstacle and provide them with two openings that not only fulfilled their requirements, but also showcased our dedication to excellence with a beautiful modern and professional Commercial Door.

Get The Right Commercial Roller Door or Panelift Door with AllStyle Garage Doors & Window Shutters

With a wide range of B&D Panelift doors in Adelaide, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your home or business with AllStyle Garage Doors & Windows Shutters. Our expert team also offers garage door installation and roller door repairs in Adelaide to ensure your door is correctly installed and operates smoothly. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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