Organising your garage

How you can organise your home by organising your garage

PegboardTrying to make space in the garage to store the children’s bikes, let alone the family car, is a problem facing many people who tend to use their garage as more of a dumping ground rather than a useful outdoor storage area. Then comes the day when the youngest needs their cricket pads and bat, the middle child is scrambling around for the camping gear and the neighbours want to borrow the lawn mower. Instead of being able to put your hand to whatever is needed, by the time you have found what you wanted, the children have grown up and left for college and next door’s garden resembles the back drop for ‘Tarzan of the jungle’. Life passes you by in a muddle, but if you organise your garage you can get the rest of your house and life in order.

Choose the date for the organising days

You do need to choose a weekend or a few days when the weather is dry and you can commit at least two clear days to sorting out and organising, as well as taking trips down to the charity stores and the local landfill site for the items you decide to donate or dump. The first job to do is to clear out the space that you have, and then clean and sweep out the empty space.

Security – check your garage doors

Take time to check that the garage doors are working properly because they do act as a security deterrent and a lot of your tools and equipment, let alone the family car, are quite expensive items. If they need repairing or replacing, consider fitting garage roller doors because they take up very little space and are easy to open and close.

Preparing the space

Once the area is clean, start to organise your items into “like for like” products, so that all the sporting gear is kept together, the maintenance equipment such as tools are in one place, seasonal decorations put together and so on. Then go through each pile and separate into items to keep, those to recycle, ones that can be donated and ones to throw away. Before starting to put them back into the garage, take a look at where you will store each section and if necessary paint lines on the floor where you can park the car or put the washing machine or freezer. You could free up valuable space in the kitchen by keeping a freezer outside near to the kitchen door, or if you don’t have a utility room then turning over part of the garage to washer/driers might be a consideration.

Hooks Pegboards and Hanging items

If your children all belong to various sporting and social clubs, then think about convenience and use, so if they go camping or kayaking in the summer, put hooks on the wall near the door to hold a canoe or hang up their tents for easy access. Pegboards can be fitted to walls to hold tools and sturdy hooks fastened to walls to hold bicycles. Nearby, organise oilcans, puncture repair outfits and bicycle pumps so that if problems occur you can easily fix flat tyres or broken bike chains saving you a lot of time and hassle. Label everything up so it can be easily found, and recycle trash cans to hold garden rakes and brooms.

Depending on the head height you might be able to fit plywood boards along the rafters so you can store items that are seldom used.

Garage Roller Doors that use minimal space

If you are fitting new garage roller doors, speak to your local supplier, and they can advise you as to the amount of room the doors will take up.

Once you have fitted everything back into the place you have designated, then you will find that life does run a lot smoother as you can access what you need, when you need it, in optimum time.

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