Damaged Garage Door? Here’s What You Should Do

From wear and tear to accidental contact, there are many reasons your garage door can potentially receive damage and require garage door repairs. Regular care and maintenance can help alleviate potential breakdowns, but you should still prepare for the off-chance your garage door receives damage and refuses to operate correctly.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the potential types of damage that can happen to a garage door and the steps you should take to resolve the issue.

DIY-Door-Warranty-VoidTypes Of Garage Door Damage

When it comes to garage doors, you can generally classify the types of damage into either mechanical or structural issues.

Mechanical damage is often due to a fault within the garage door mechanism. This type of damage often manifests itself in garage door parts that see repeated use, such as broken springs, broken lifting cables, old rollers, old hardware pieces (hinges and bolts), and misaligned tracks.

On the other hand, structural damage occurs due to an external factor. For example, the physical impact from a car accident (such as accidentally backing into an opening garage door) or severe weather conditions that warp the garage door’s frame or knock it off its rails, making it dangerous to operate.

If your garage door has severe mechanical or structural damage, you should refrain from attempting to use your door in any way. The garage door can become unpredictable when you try to open or close it, such as refusing to stay open or suddenly shutting on you.

What Should You Do With A Damaged Garage Door?

For more minor types of damage, you should still be able to use your garage door for the most part; you may even forget about the damage if your garage door still functions just as effectively as before.

However, even if your garage door works perfectly well after some damage, it can still lead to further malfunctions or breakdowns down the road. As a result, it’s critical to have any potential damage to your garage door checked by a local garage specialist to ensure everything is in working order.

For more severe garage door damage, where the door no longer functions correctly until a specialist can make the necessary replacement or repairs, the best course of action is to contact a 24-hour garage door repair service to assist you in resolving the issue.

A broken garage door can be dangerous to fix or operate by yourself,

so we strongly recommend that you do not attempt to repair or use your garage door during this time to avoid injury or further damage.

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Garage Door?

If your garage door is damaged, you have the option of repairing or replacing it, depending on the following factors:

Damage Severity

If your garage door in Adelaide suffers minor damage, you only need to contact your garage door repairs company to have the repairs performed. However, replacing the entire door may be the better option if your garage door has sustained severe enough damage that it can no longer function properly, or if the structure or mechanisms of the door are unable to be saved.


It would help if you also considered whether your damaged garage door is worth the repairs, given its age. Older garage doors tend to suffer more severe wear and tear over time, making garage door replacements the better option if the damage isn’t worth repairing for its age.


Repairing your damaged garage door is often cheaper, but only up to a point. If you find that the required repair costs are rivalling a full garage door replacement, it’s worth getting a new sectional door or garage roller door in Adelaide.


If the damage to your garage door is bad enough that it no longer opens or closes smoothly, or if it is sticking out at an awkward angle, you should contact a garage door specialist to assess the situation and determine the best course of action. A professional assessment can help you save a lot of money by simply repairing the door rather than replacing it entirely.

Quality Repairs And Maintenance With AllStyle Garage Doors & Window Shutters

A damaged garage door can be a bane to your convenience and home safety if not resolved quickly. So whether you choose to repair or replace your damaged garage door in Adelaide, get in touch with your local garage door specialists to properly assess the situation.

If you need a high-quality garage door repair or replacement services, AllStyle Garage Doors & Window Shutters is the answer. We’re a multi-award-winning accredited B&D dealer and supplier with decades of experience servicing garage doors in Adelaide. Get in touch with our helpful staff today to learn more about our services.


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