Benefits of a Garage Roller Door

The garage door is an essential and functional part of your home exterior which is used almost every single day. With that in mind, it is vital to choose one that suits your needs while remaining aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Although many different types of garage doors are available, garage roller doors are the preferred option in most Australian homes.

Let’s find out why.

Highly customizable

Garage roller doors can be tailor-made to most width and height requirements. Therefore, regardless of whether you have a double or single carport, a gradual or steep incline, or a tall or short doorway, a roller garage door could almost certainly be installed in your home.

Furthermore, garage roller doors come in a variety of different colours and finishes. Simply choose one that best complements your exterior home décor – such as existing windows and door frames – for the optimal visual effect. Textured, metallic, and woodgrain finishes are also available for those after a more classic style.

Optimized garage space

Given that garage roller doors retract vertically in a similar fashion to Venetian blinds, only a minuscule amount of space would be needed compared to other types of garage doors.

Inward or outward swinging doors, for example, require a significant amount of room to be cleared upon opening and closing. On the other hand, with garage roller doors, you can use the extra space to store your collection of DIY tools, or park more easily.

A focus on safety

If properly operated and maintained, garage roller doors are astonishingly safe.

When selecting a model, look for one that has steel door stops, rather than plastic ones. Additionally, a lockable bar end cover is a great feature to prevent fingers from getting jammed.

High security

Many burglars target the garage as an easy access point into the home. Standard garage doors are relatively simple to break into, either by picking the lock or bashing straight through.

Conversely, garage roller doors are much more secure given that the thief must pry the door upwards. If properly secured, this is virtually impossible without the use of some serious heavyweight tools (which few ‘petty’ burglars would be carrying around if they were after a quick job!).

Extremely Convenient

Perhaps the most significant advantage of a garage roller door is the everyday convenience it offers. Rather than trying to find the right key and manually opening your garage, simply press a button on your controller as you pull up to the driveway and cruise right in. When it rains, a garage roller door will definitely help to keep you dry as you drive in, or out of your garage.

Great insulation

Because garage roller doors are custom designed to precisely fit your existing door space, it effectively ensures that no chilly gust of wind or dust will get into the garage. As a result, your garage will be cleaner, quieter, and have a more comfortable temperature internally compared to other types of garage doors.

High Durability

Garage roller doors are surprisingly durable considering the sheer amount of moving parts involved. Spring cycles of up to 20,000 cycles ensures that springs do not need to be replaced.

To find the right garage roller door for your home or business, get in touch with the team at All Style Garage Doors. With over 45 years’ experience in serving South Australia, they will be able to find the ideal option for you.

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