6 Unexpected Dangers Of A DIY Garage Door Repair

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DIY garage door repairs are probably not unheard of if you’ve embarked on various do-it-yourself projects in the past. Unless you’re trained or very experienced in home repair, DIY may not be the best route to take, regardless of the perceived benefits. Instead of saving yourself money, you could end up harming yourself, creating a fire hazard or risking the safety of your family.

Garage door repairs can have a variety of serious and costly dangers. Whether you have a problem regarding the spring or its cables, it’s often highly recommended to get professionals in to resolve the problem. Here are 6 unexpected dangers of DIY garage door repairs.

Garage Door Automation Accessories1) Safety Risks

Getting injured during a DIY project is one of the biggest worries for any homeowner. From power tool injuries, to falls from ladders, to blunt injuries and puncture wounds – homeowners face a limitless number of potential injuries due to home repair accidents.

There are always risks with DIY projects. Depending on the scale of the repair project, the risks could prove to be too dangerous. Manoeuvring a heavy garage door, for example, can be a hefty task even with helpers, while torsion springs and other components are dangerous to remove and install if done incorrectly.

Be sure to use professional garage door repair services that not only know how to handle the work safely, but who also have all the proper safety equipment needed.

2) Less Attention To Detail

A sharp eye is vital if you’re considering DIY garage door repairs. That said, even the most seasoned DIY enthusiast can miss particular details that could ruin your garage door repair. Professionals, on the other hand, have years of experience with a variety of different garage door repairs.

Be sure to find a garage door repair expert that fully understands how each component works and the protocol required to repair them in the proper manner.

3) Increased Costs

You’d think that DIY garage door repairs save money but they can instead turn into an expensive misdemeanour. Further damaging major components such as springs and cables during repairs, can eventually eat into savings from undertaking DIY repairs. When it comes to garage door repairs, be sure to hire a professional to help you avoid any costly mistakes.

4) Voids Your Warranty

Most garage doors are backed by a manufacturer warranty which will cover anything that goes wrong with your garage door. These warranties, however, are only valid if a qualified and licensed professional performs repairs when necessary. DIY garage door repairs could essentially void your warranty and leave you out to dry when it comes to unexpected garage door repairs.

Be sure to double check your warranty and use professional garage door repairs in Adelaide whenever you can.

5) Takes Up Time

DIY garage door repairs can prove to be time-consuming if you’re not very experienced. If your busy schedule can’t be set aside to tackle a project, then it could be wise to hand it over to the professionals.

A well-versed technician will be able to take care of garage door repairs with no questions asked. This allows you to focus on other important matters for you and your household.

6) No Peace of Mind

Whether you’re supremely confident about your DIY skills or full of doubt, expert garage door repair services offer you greater peace of mind with the quality and longevity of your garage door. Professional garage door repairs conducted by a fully qualified and licensed expert eliminate any doubts that you may have if you’d done them yourself.

DIY garage door repairs may seem appealing but the quality, reliability and appearance of your work won’t necessarily match up to a professional service. Established in 1972, AllStyle Garage Doors & Window Shutters takes pride in providing fully licensed and qualified repairs for garage roller doors and b&d roller doors. Contact us today to find out more about how our professional and friendly team of specialists can help you.

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