6 Renovation Tips To Transform Your Garage Into A Versatile Living Space

Converted Garage Living Space

Some people could never imagine life without a garage. But if you are using it less and less, and it has become more of a junk yard than an organised storage space, you might want to consider converting it. Converting your garage is a project that could raise the value of your house by up to 10%, and you may not have to sacrifice outside space for more living space. Converting a garage is not easy task, and it involves many considerations; from whether it is suitable, to what you will convert it into.

1. Look at your current garage

Not all garages can be converted, some older garages can have poor build quality and be filled with asbestos. If yours has been built professionally in the last few decades, however, it will likely be fine, but do check with a surveyor if you are unsure. You should also be aware that the ceilings of garages are often at unusual angles and the floor is often at a different level to the rest of the house which can present extra design challenges and costs.

2. Practical details

Converted Garage Living SpaceYour garage will need heating, plumbing, lighting and insulation when it is converted so these should be factored into your designs. You will also need to think about what the front of the house will look like afterwards; if you don’t plan on keeping the door, then try to find bricks or timber that matches the rest of your house, so that it blends in well.

3. Consider a playroom

If you are tired of constantly clearing toys out of the way, and cleaning up after your children’s creative moments resulting in Play-Doh plastered everywhere, then a playroom might be your salvation. Chalkboard panels on the walls will help prevent them scribbling on the walls in permanent marker, and rubber mats or carpet squares on the floor can be the perfect finish. A playroom conversion will also offer a lot of storage space just for toys.

4. Replace something you pay for

Garages are often converted into home gyms or office spaces to help save on other living costs. Why pay for a gym membership if you have everything you need right there at home? A home gym would let you customise the machines and weights you have so it becomes your perfect gym.

5. Home theatre

A home theatre is an idea that can appeal to the entire family. People go to cinemas because the experience is so much better than just watching tv, and this idea will bring that experience home. You can add some comfortable couches and armchairs along with a snack fridge or bar.

6. Kids’ living room

If you feel cramped in your current lounge, or never get a choice of what to watch, then you could convert your garage into a living space for the children so that you get a bit more peace. There are countless ways to create a new lounge, so you will be able to match it perfectly to the rest of your house.

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