6 Interesting Facts About Your Garage Doors

Interesting Facts about your Garage DoorIf you thought there wasn’t much to the humble garage doors, think again.

While the everyday roller door might seem like a standard, run-of-the-mill addition to your home, its history, design, and usage are quite intriguing. From the garage door pioneers of old to current usage statistics, we’re covering six interesting facts related to the rolling garage door.

roll-a-doorThey’re Older than You Think

Believe it or not, the first overhead garage door dates back way to the 1920s, a time when the automotive industry was still in its infancy. A man named C.G. Johnson invented the first garage door opener in Indiana in 1926, although it didn’t find immediate popularity in part due to the Great Depression.

The technology slowly made its way to Australia, with the garage roller door becoming increasingly popular in subsequent decades. Australia was the first country to manufacture light gauge rolling garage doors, which helped proliferate the technology around the nation. In 1956, B&D invented the reliable, attractive, and convenient Roll-A-Door design that quickly became a lasting part of the Australian streetscape ever since.

They’re Built to Last

Rolling garage doors are designed to stand the test of time. Unlike many modern appliances, the technology is built to last, often as long as 20 to 30 years. The precise lifespan of a garage door will vary depending on climatic conditions, servicing frequency, the quality of the manufacturing process, and how often it’s used.

On average, a garage door is opened and closed 3-5 times per day, or about 1,500 times per year. Torsion springs can typically withstand 15,000 uses, which means they should be replaced (by a professional) every decade.

One of the easiest ways a homeowner can prolong the lifespan of their garage doors is by frequently lubricating the moving parts.

Tips On How To Maintain A Pest Free GarageThey Add Value to Your Home

While the cost of installing a rolling garage door is significant, it’s a solid long-term investment. A garage door installation yields a higher return on investment than all other home improvement projects, including bathroom remodelling and interior paint jobs.

According to Remodelling Magazine, the average ROI on a garage door is 97.5% when the time comes to sell your home. So even though the initial outlet is relatively high, you can rest assured you’ll get almost all that money back again when you decide to sell up.

The Repair Process Is Fraught with Danger

Even an avid DIYer should think twice about attempting to repair a rolling garage door. While an amateur can safely fix some faults, others are potentially fatal.

The door itself is heavy enough to crush anyone (or anything) underneath should it slam down onto the ground. Furthermore, some rolling door components, most notably the torsion springs, are held under enormous pressure. Should these pressurised springs snap, the coils will fly across the garage with enough force to kill or maim anyone present.

Professional garage door technicians are specially trained to identify and mitigate the risks. Generally speaking, anything other than routine lubrication should be left to a trained professional.

They’re Becoming the New Front Door

More and more Australians are using their rolling garage door as the primary entry point into their homes. As most people prefer to park vehicles undercover to keep them sheltered from the elements, they usually enter the home via an internal door inside the garage.

A Chamberlain Group Survey found that 55% of homeowners use the garage as the main entryway. For many of these householders, the front door only gets used by visitors or when travelling small distances on foot.

They Improve Security

Did you know the rolling garage door can help keep you and your automobile safe?

Driving straight into your garage means you don’t need to exit your vehicle in a public street, safeguarding you from opportunistic muggers and other unsavoury types. Women, in particular, may feel more comfortable getting out of the car at night within the safety of a secured garage. What’s more, you won’t be exposed to the elements—no need to walk across the lawn on a wet and windy day.

Storing your vehicle in a garage also helps safeguard the automobile itself. Wind, rain, and UV won’t damage its topcoat, and you’ll have an effective protective barrier against vandalism and theft.

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