5 Top Garage Door Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is always a fun time to tap into your creative side and decorate your house for the spooky season. But instead of decorating just the front door or inside of your home, why not give some attention to your garage door as well? Just think how impressive custom garage doors in Adelaide would look all done up in the Halloween spirit!

Here are some handy ideas to turn your garage door into the perfect gateway for some Halloween fun!

1) The simplest solution: cut and paste

This is the simplest way to get the Halloween mood going on your roller garage door in Adelaide – just craft up some good old-fashioned cut-and-paste decorations. If you have a white garage door, use some black construction paper to cut out spooky silhouettes, based on your favourite Halloween movies or characters. Then, you can simply paste them on your garage door.

Looking for an easier and more fuss-free idea? Get a roll of black electrical tape and fashion a giant spider web on your garage door – then all that is left to cut out is the spider!

2) Stand out with a figurine

If you want to go all out, you could consider buying a figurine or two to place around your garage door this Halloween. The three-dimensional effect of a Halloween figurine will leave a bigger impact than paper cutouts. Imagine what your garage door would look like with the figure of a wicked witch perched above it, or a scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head.

You can easily pick a Halloween figurine up from your local store, or you could go the extra mile and build one yourself using materials lying around at home.

3) Get your glow on

Glow-in-the-dark art is another way you can really make sure your garage door attracts attention. Get yourself a canister of black light hairspray and unleash your creativity any way you want. You could go for a scary Halloween greeting, or even draw out a jack o’ lantern face on your garage door, complete with a forest outline.

And don’t worry – this will not be a permanent addition to the decor of your house. Just wash the hairspray away with soap and water and your garage door should be as good as new.

4) Cheeky crime scene

Here’s a creative Halloween idea – make your garage door look like the entrance to a crime scene. Some people have done this by going all out and displaying a fake corpse made of sacks of cloth, accompanied with artificial blood stains too – but you don’t have to make yours quite so gory.

Instead, you can try to create a subtler crime scene effect that won’t be too frightening for the little ones in the neighbourhood. For example, putting up “Do Not Enter” signs on your garage door and making liberal use of caution tape will do just as well.

5) Light it up

No matter which Halloween idea you decide to go for, adding spooky and inspired lights to your garage door will definitely be the icing on the cake. You can purchase Halloween-themed lighting decorations at the store or make do with any outdoor fairy lights that you have. Either way, lighting up your garage door will be a good way to catch attention and create a more impactful effect.

Hopefully, these suggestions have inspired you to really get into the Halloween spirit and unleash your creativity on your garage door.

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