5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Might Not Open Or Close Properly


This article was updated in April 2022.

The garage door is one of the most frequently used entrances and exits in a residential home. Consequently, problems are bound to arise with functional issues every now and then.

The source of the problem when a garage door doesn’t function properly could lie in any number of given areas. Whether your garage door doesn’t open all the way or won’t open manually, it’s always best to know the most common causes of each problem in order to decide whether it’s necessary to call a professional or to resolve it yourself.

Here are 5 reasons why your garage door might not open or close properly.

top-view-of-garage-door-track1) The Door Track Is Misaligned

The tracks that your garage door slides on may not be properly aligned. A working garage door system will have operating mechanisms that activate the door, as well as cables that lift and lower it physically, while the springs manage the tension. None of these actions are possible however, if the metal tracks that keep the door in line are not straight on both sides.

The movement of the door can slow if either of the tracks become slightly ajar. As time goes on, the problem is liable to get worse. If one or both tracks are bent, you may hear a squeaking sound as the rollers pass the damaged area. You may notice that the door will physically slow slightly as it passes this spot. A problem like this can easily get out of hand with the weight of the door causing further stress.

If you find that your door tracks are misaligned, be sure to call repair experts for garage doors in Adelaide immediately.

2) Dead Transmitter Batteries


Power access is required at both ends when it comes to activating a garage door. If your garage door isn’t opening with remote activation, the problem could be due to an expired battery in your remote transmitter.

The first thing to check in this case is the transmission receiver on the inside of your garage. If you manually press the transmission receiver and it activates, the problem is definitely with the remote and not the receiver.

The remedy in a case like this is simply to change the batteries. If the batteries in your remote came pre-installed, be sure to slide off the back cover on the remote and remove the old batteries; take them to the store and purchase replacements the same size. It’s important to remember to check the battery tips before installing to make sure the ends align properly.

Garage Repairs 24hrs3) Damaged Safety Mechanisms

The reason your garage door won’t close all the way could be due to a blocked, dirty or misaligned photo-eye. The photo-eye is a safety mechanism that helps ensure your garage door doesn’t close down on objects, pets or people. Each time the door is prompted to close, the beam activates to scan the underlying clearance for obstructions.

When your garage door doesn’t fully close, the photo-eye could simply be dusty or dirty, and is misreading the clearance with a physical obstruction. Alternatively, the problem could be due to two photo-eyes at either end of your garage door being misaligned. If either of the photo-eyes become misaligned with the other, the beam is rendered incapable of scanning the clearance.

In cases like these, be sure to remedy the problem by removing any dirt or dust on the photo-eye. If the photo-eyes are misaligned, it’s a good idea to call garage door specialist services to get it checked out.

4) The Operator Receives No Power

A garage door may not open or close due to the operator not having any power connection. In this case, the problem could simply be due to an unplugged power cord. This could have been caused by accidentally unplugging the operator as you exited the garage.

In other cases, the issue may be more serious. A blown fuse or circuit breaker may be some of the causes that prevent the operator from receiving any power. For any problems with a circuit breaker or a blown fuse, it’s important to contact the professionals.

5) Broken Tension Springs

A broken spring is one of the most common reasons for a garage door not opening. Wear and tear typically weakens tension springs, resulting in a garage door not being able to properly work. Springs have a lifespan of a limited number of cycles. Once springs have reached their maximum number of cycles, they commonly snap, break or deform. Rust developing on tension springs also increases friction on the coils as it moves, making it another likely cause for springs breaking. Getting garage door maintenance and ensuring tension springs are inspected at least once a year will identify if tension springs are weakening over time. Thus, they can be proactively replaced before they break.

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