4 Benefits Of Sectional Garage Doors

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Sectional garage doors are an incredibly versatile type of garage door made up of panels, which can be tailored to fit garage openings of almost any size and shape. Operating slightly differently than traditional monolithic garage doors, sectional garage doors are often an ideal solution for many homes due to their practicality and ease of use. These are 4 amazing benefits of having a sectional garage door.

Storm Shield Panelift Brace Free1) Reliable

Sectional garage doors have a whole host of pros but one significant benefit is that they’re highly reliable and durable. With each panel having its own connection to the main garage door track, a sectional garage door remains super secure when you open and close your door. This means that if one of the panels is faulty, you can repair that specific panel without having to repair your whole garage door. The way that sectional garage doors slide upwards instead of outwards also make it a preferred option to standard monolithic garage doors, as these standard doors are more susceptible to going off track and causing further problems. During snowy weather or wintry conditions, B&D storm shield garage doors are sectional doors that also eliminate the need to remove snow from the front to access it.

2) Attractive

Sectional garage doors come in a huge range of styles and offer a wide variety of different colour options, making them an incredibly attractive option. Their versatility isn’t just restricted to its size and shape, sectional garage doors are equally suitable for both classic and contemporary homes, making them a great choice if you’re looking to make a statement with your new garage door. When looking for the right sectional garage door for you, keep in mind that besides the diverse range of powder coated colours, they’re also available in a timber look allowing you to replicate your favourite timber material. If you’re looking to add a bit more style to your new sectional garage door, you can also add window panels to particular sectional panels of your door.

Storm Shield Panelift Interior3) Saves Space

When compared to your standard monolithic garage door, another great benefit of a sectional garage door is that they can save a lot of space. The way that sectional garage doors open mean that they don’t need to swing outwards at all. Sectional garage doors slide up and down allowing you to park much closer before opening your garage door and to maximise your actual usable space, while not eating up any of your interior storage space. Sectional garage doors offer a wider entrance to your garage, shed or barn than the maximum 72 inches in width allowed side-by-side with conventional doors, making it much easier for you to get any equipment or tools in and out of your home.

4) Convenience

Another benefit of sectional garage doors is that they can be designed with added convenience in mind. Automation is an option for your sectional garage door during or after installation, meaning you can use an electric remote control opener to open your garage door and that you will no longer have to leave your car before opening or closing your door manually.

From practicalities to presentation, sectional garage doors offer a wide array of benefits that make for an excellent solution for your home. Get in touch with the professional team at AllStyle Garage Doors & Window Shutters and find out more about the most reliable yet stylish sectional garage doors and B&D storm shield garage doors.

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